Saturday, August 21, 2010

Indulge at Own Discretion

Instead of a Lunch Break, I Took a Poetry Break This Afternoon...

by Shradha Agarwal on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 3:37pm
Disclaimer: Indulge at your own discretion
I know the stops I want to make,
the sights I want to see,
the places I want to mark,
the people I want to have smile,
the journey itself is never-ending,
with no destination in mind.

Why won't Google create an app
that can map out my life
I want to take the most efficient path there
and waste no precious (limited) time.

education, opportunity and security,
i want people to be hardworking, fair and kind,
we don't live to see, to feel, to learn alone, but rather,
to leave something meaningful and permanent behind
in a world where the only constant is change,
the competition should be to contribute, not to collect the most dimes.

the universe lives for us, and we for its people,
give as much as you take, the balance should not slide,
believe in something bigger that yourself
and find the hope, faith, and love to fight.

take on something ambitious,
have a long sight,
with passion and perseverance,
the resources you will find.

but the journey itself is a roller-coaster,
so keep your senses aware, hold on tight,
take in every moment and experience,
of this wonderful ride.

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